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Crystal Ghee —

Good people come together to do good

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Ramadan is known for being the month of holiness, togetherness, kindness and generosity.
In the start of 2018 we were given the mission of creating an engaging and attention-grabbing CSR campaign for Crystal.

Lesa Bekheir with Crystal

With the start of the month we released a video ad using two of our target market’s favorite celebrities, Chef ElSherbini & the actress/comedian Shaimaa Seif. We ended the video with a simple promise, for each share the video gets a box of food supplies will be donated by Crystal to families in need
The momentum was good and we weren’t planning to stop there, so we invited some of our loyal fans to join us in packing and preparing the boxes. The two celebrities joined us too and we made a fun and engaging day out of it. The day was filled with different games and activities, a delicious Iftar meal and entertaining shows.
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