October 17, 2021

Corona – Be a Child Again!

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Corona – Be a Child Again!

O v e r v i e w

Corona is one of the oldest Egyptian chocolate and sweets brands.


Corona didn’t have any digital appearance or image.

The brand had reservations about diving into social media and was well known for its fame as an old and vintage brand. The challenge was to create a digital appearance for Corona to let the brand be a part of the modern age and bring back the brand’s fame to the market.

Corona – Be a Child Again!

T H E  G O A L

Campaign mission

Create a strong digital appearance for Corona to bring back the brand’s loyal customers to repurchase their products as they used to.

O u r   S o l u t i o n

Childhood memories, feelings, scents.

Childhood memories, feelings, scents. Bringing back beautiful nostalgic feelings to let customers remember their childhood with Corona. Through vintage art, ads, old football jerseys that relate to everyone’s childhood. Our campaign had a 70s to 90s theme that induced nostalgia in the hearts of our viewers, reminding them of the joy they had while eating Corona products and treats.

Corona – Be a Child Again!

O u r  E x e c u t i o n

Turning our solution into a reality!

70s to 90s theme ads were generated to create relatable visuals for Corona.

Corona – Be a Child Again!

O u r  I M P A C T

Corona’s Digital Rise

We repositioned the brand’s image in the market and on the digital and social media platforms.The campaign received great reviews, reactions and shares that stirred the nostalgic feelings between friends and families. We generated numerous followers and gave Corona a comeback in the market in terms of sales, as Corona’s audience fell back in love with the brand and came back to being Corona’s loyal customers.