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March 31, 2022

Italian Embassy – The Week of the Italian Cuisine

  • Design

    Social Media Management, Video Production, Branding

  • Client


O v e r v i e w

The Week of The Italian Cuisine is a sophisticated annual event led by the Italian embassy and promotes the Italian cuisine all over Egypt.


Promoting the Italian cuisine in Egypt to generate a strong hype and buzz in a very short period of time.

The challenge was to promote the Italian cuisine in Egypt, a culturally rich country, especially when it comes to food, through the available Italian restaurants in Egypt.

T H E  G O A L

Campaign mission

Create creative designs and videos to promote the Italian cuisine through Italian restaurants in Cairo and Giza during The Week of The Italian Cuisine.

O u r   S o l u t i o n

Creating different promotions following the refined and sophisticated theme of the event and the Italian cuisine.

we created menus for the participating restaurants, social media posts about these restaurants and their famous plates, banners, and posters, and to create video interviews with the owners and the chefs of these restaurants; which required video production, coverage, and intensive planning.

It was also required to shoot a live video for the opening ceremony of the event which features a prominent Italian chef giving a cooking Masterclass, and preparing a signature authentic Italian plate of his own, which had many VIP attendees and a big number of online views.

O u r  I m p a c t

The event successfully generated increased interest towards the Italian cuisine with Italian restaurant becoming more crowded and lively.

The event successfully gathered loads of restaurant goers from normal customers to VIPs, including the Italian ambassador and other embassy representatives.
The digital online campaign generated huge reach and interactions on social media and resulted in an increased interest in Italian cuisine, prompting inquiries, restaurant reservations and an increase in restaurants walk-ins during the time of the event.