How Toy Triangle Achieved a 33.7% Increase in Impressions in One Month

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Client Background:

“Toy Triangle” is a company specializing in supplying children’s toys, selling globally recognized brands’ toys to distributors in Arab countries, operating with a B2B strategy.


  1. The website had an old design that was replaced with a new design using different HTML elements.
  2. It had a complex structure and architecture that confused users and hindered proper indexing by Google bots.
complex structure
  1. Upon migrating to the new design, not all products were transferred, resulting in 1900 broken links.
  2. Many product pages were not appearing in Google search results.

Solutions Implemented:

  1. We conducted an on-page audit of the new design, identified coding issues, and coordinated with the development company for solutions.
  2. Implemented an internal linking strategy to enhance user navigation within the site.
  3. Developed an organized redirection strategy to redirect users to similar product pages or brand pages instead of broken links.
  4. Swiftly improved metadata for all products by organizing backend codes with page-specific variables and conducted keyword research for key products.
  5. Audited and optimized our dead pages to ensure visibility in Google search results.
Dead pages audit


The website achieved high Google rankings for competitive keywords in the targeted market, resulting in a 33.7% increase in impressions within one month.

keyword ranking

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How Toy Triangle Achieved a 33.7% Increase in Impressions in One Month
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