March 16, 2017

Timing is our secret.

  • Design

    Social Media Management, Video Production

  • Client

    Hardee’s Kuwait


Hardee’s was launching a mega
campaign in Kuwait

focusing on offers and group or family orders. They wanted to have as much reach as possible during this mega campaign so as to attract more customers and capitalize on Hardee’s notoriety in Kuwait.


Create a creative and attractive master visuals

content, designs and social media material for their mega campaign to reach their target. They needed to be visually appealing to the consumer as well as highlight their offers and group and family meals.

Our Concept

Our idea was to create appealing visuals and a powerful messages

highlighting that timing is the secret for Hardee’s excellence because they will be right there when you need them with the best group or individual meals. Good taste and creative new food are nothing without the perfect timing and that’s what Hardee’s Kuwait do best; they are there when you need them the most


The campaign resulted in great reach.

increased sales and people taking advantage of the many offers that kept on flowing. The mega campaign was a significant success on all social media platforms, generating a big number of reactions, engagement and reviews having reached our client’s expectations and even more!

Services used

Creative Services

Dazzling campaigns, copies, video productions and much more are things rooted passionately within Dottopia. so we treasure originality and out of the box thinking.

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