September 3, 2019

SEKEM Demeter – A Life of Health!

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    Social Media Management, Video Production

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    Sekem Health

SEKEM Demeter – A Life of Health!

Social Media Desgin

SEKEM Health is known as the expert in natural healthcare products,

SEKEM Health markets natural organic medical herbs products in both local and global markets.


Reaching SEKEM's target
customer base.

In 2017, SEKEM Health faced the issue of not reaching its target customer base in Egypt. As people who demand healthy and organic food in Egypt are rare. In addition, SEKEM’s products are made out of high-quality ingredients, targeting A and B+ classes which lead to narrowing the target audience and makes it harder to be reached.

Social media design

T H E  G O A L

Campaign mission

Creating an effective approach to reach SEKEM’s potential customers.

O u r   S o l u t i o n

Highlighting the need of eating healthy
and organically.

We took a creative approach, generating unique ideas and concepts. We started to raise awareness and reach out to potential clients, by creating campaigns underlining the need of eating healthy and organically. We created social media designs to add value and strengthen the brand, as well as provided online and face-to-face event coverage for two major events: Cairo Runners and Cairo Bite.

SEKEM Demeter – A Life of Health!

O u r  E x e c u t i o n

Turning our solution into a reality!

Starting from drawing the storyboard, making the treatment, shooting, and photography to generating social media posts.

Marketing strategy

O u r  I m p a c t

SEKEM’s Digital Rise

During the first two quarters of managing the SEKEM account, page likes increased by 10k, which is considered a great success for a brand that targets healthy-minded Egyptians.
We had a 6K engagement rate in the first quarter. In the second, we earned a 8K engagement rate.
Moreover, we introduced a date bites product line, which was a huge success.
Fans were engaging and sales started to jump up as a result of the strong and outstanding visuals and motion graphics used in the events and campaigns.

O u r   N u m b e r s

Numerically Measuring Our
Campaign Success

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