September 3, 2019

SEKEM Demeter – Healthy and organic are two amazing words.

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Spreading awareness about their healthy and organic products

In 2017, Egypt’s healthy and organic food business began to expand and extend throughout many different regions. SEKEM Health, on the other hand, discovered a problem in spreading awareness about their healthy and organic products; additionally, it was more sophisticated to reach people in Egypt who are looking for premium healthy food. As a result, SEKEM Health began to seek our services in raising awareness and reaching out to their target audience, which we were succeeded in.


Reaching their target customer base

SEKEM Health’s main issue was reaching their target customer base in Egypt for two reasons: one: people who are interested in healthy and organic food in Egypt are rare, and two: SEKEM’s products are made out of high quality ingredients, which made SEKEM’s target A and B+ classes, narrowing the target audience and making it more sophisticated to be reached.

Our Solution

Underlining the need of eating healthily and organically

What we did? Of course, we took a creative approach, generating unique ideas and concepts. We started to raise awareness and reach out to potential clients. We began to create campaigns underlining the need of eating healthily and organically. We created video recipes to add value and strengthen our relationship. We also provided online and physical event coverage for two major events: Cairo Runners and Cairo Bite.

Our Execution

Turning our solution into a reality!

Starting form drawing the storyboard, making the treatment, shooting, photography and social media posts


We Read between
the numbers.

During the first two quarters of managing the SEKEM account, page likes increased by 10k. It’s a great success for a brand that targets to healthy-minded Egyptians. We had a 4% engagement rate in the first quarter. In the second, we earned a 6% engagement rate. Moreover, we introduced a date bites product line, which was a huge success. Fans were engaging and sales started to jump up due to the strong visuals and motion graphics that were used in the events and campaigns which were simply outstanding.


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Services used

Creative Services

Dazzling campaigns, copies, video productions and much more are things rooted passionately within Dottopia. so we treasure originality and out of the box thinking.

Social Media Management

Your social media cannot be in safer or more creative hands. A brand’s objective becomes Dottopia’s Persistent goal that knows no rest until completion.

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