Printatak – Make it Easier for yourself!

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Printatak – Make it Easier for yourself!

O v e r v i e w

Printatak is a pioneer revolutionary online printing service in the Egyptian market. Started back in 2019, they offered top quality online designing and printing options to their customers as well as fast delivery, making sure all printing demands for individuals or groups or businesses always covered at the ease of simply ordering.

O u r   S o l u t i o n

Create a humurous video showing Printatak services in an entertaining way.

As simple and clever as the client’s business model was, our concept and execution meant to creatively illustrate a comical sketch of someone who needed printing service, and who else but the actor Ahmed Sultan (SNL Arabic) to present a couple or more short sketches in a cool set-up all made from paper and cartons, to create such a clever series of videos with the most expected minimal budget that usually equals a very happy client launching a new brand!

O u r   I m p a c t

Printatak Successful business launch!

Our simple videos generated a great number of views on Facebook and received high praise and shares for their simplicity, humor, and direct message!

O u r   N u m b e r s

Numerically Measuring Our Campaign's Success.

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