Passap E-commerce’s Egypt meta ads: 32X ROI in 7 days.

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PASSAP, a leading Egyptian brand, specializes in providing high-quality refrigerators and a range of essential home appliances to the local and regional markets

Passap E-commerce's Egypt meta ads: 32X ROI in 7 days.


This case study details the successful Meta Ads campaign for Passap e-commerce website, resulting in an impressive 32X return on investment within just 7 days in Egypt. We’ll explore the strategies and tactics employed to achieve this remarkable outcome.

Low brand awareness:

Passap lacked widespread recognition compared to established competitors.

Competitive landscape:

Strong, well-known brands dominate the Egyptian home appliance market.

Targeted reach:

Effectively reaching the desired audience within the broader market posed a challenge.

Strategic Solutions:

Data-driven targeting:

Leveraged Meta’s audience insights to identify and target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors aligned with Passap’s ideal customer profile.

Creative messaging:

Developed compelling ad creatives that resonated with the target audience, highlighting Passap’s unique value proposition and competitive advantages.

Campaign optimization:

Continuously monitored and optimized campaigns based on performance data, ensuring cost efficiency and maximizing reach.

Localized approach:

 Tailored messaging and visuals to resonate with the local Egyptian cultural context.

Campaign formats:

Utilized a mix of ad formats like image, video, and carousel ads to cater to different audience preferences and engagement styles.


Employed retargeting campaigns to keep Passap at the forefront of consumers minds who had previously interacted with the brand online.


32X ROI:

Achieved a significant return on investment, highlighting the campaign’s effectiveness in generating sales and conversions.

Increased brand awareness:

Witnessed a notable rise in brand awareness and consideration among the target audience.

Improved website traffic:

Experienced a significant increase in website traffic, signifying increased interest in Passap’s offerings.

إعلانات Meta للتجارة الإلكترونية ل Passap في مصر: عائد استثمار 32 ضعف في 7 أيام

Passap’s success demonstrates the power of well-strategized and executed Meta advertising campaigns. By understanding the target audience, leveraging data insights, and crafting compelling messaging, even lesser-known brands can achieve significant results in competitive markets. This case study offers valuable lessons for brands seeking to break through the noise and gain a foothold in challenging landscapes.

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