October 17, 2021

Passap Black Friday Performance Marketing Campaign

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Passap takes pride in being an Egyptian brand that manufactures high quality affordable home appliances,

established in 1999 and have been offering a wide portfolio of products to the Egyptian market as well as the global market.


Black Friday is known to be THE DAY for all brands to offer their biggest sale of the year,

making sure they provide better offers than any of their competitors through all the available channels of communication. The challenge is real when it comes to digital, when all brands go out chasing terminologies like conversion rates, ROI, dark posts – a bidding war breaks out in such sales season and to win such battle you have to play it as smart and creative as you can in a performance marketing campaign.

Our Solution

Starting November 2021, we ran our Black Friday campaign on Facebook,

Through clear and strong visualization of Passap’s products along with its features and special discounted prices in addition to direct and appealing messages within text on visual CTA’s and short-to-the-point hard selling captions. Taking all that to account, using our very own digital tracking tool we followed an accurate and strict audience targeting techniques, making sure we deliver the right communication to the right customer and in consequence knowing how to maximize our ROI.

Our Execution

Turning our solution into a reality!

Starting form drawing the storyboard, making the treatment, shooting, photography and social media posts


Concluding our performance marketing achievement of this campaign

The creative and conversion campaigns provided great results in terms of reach, impressions, interactions as well as sales. We had a spike and increase in followers of the brand as the pages numbers increased and the brand became known more and more with every month that passes as we capitalized on different occasions and events with creative and catchy designs that provided great conversion results.


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Services used

Creative Services

Dazzling campaigns, copies, video productions and much more are things rooted passionately within Dottopia. so we treasure originality and out of the box thinking.

Social Media Management

Your social media cannot be in safer or more creative hands. A brand’s objective becomes Dottopia’s Persistent goal that knows no rest until completion.

Dottopia is now part of our team we work together to build a brand and a success story, Fixability and understand our state and goals and work together to achieve it.
Rana Atef

Marketing manager at PASSAP Home Appliances

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