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March 16, 2017

Mongini’s Mother’s Day – You’re mum is a treat!

  • Design

    Creative, Social Media Management, Video Production

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O v e r v i e w

Monginis is a multinational pastry and bakery chain with outlets in different cities in India and Egypt.


Celebrating mother's day with a touching ad to increase sales and popularity of Mongini's.

Such a famous and successful brand like Monginis, needed to standout in a such busy season that’s full of creative or emotional campaigns, something that can be creative enough to be catchy and go viral, as well as being emotional enough to touch souls and warm hearts.

T H E  G O A L

Campaign mission

Creating a creative and catchy campagin for Mother’s Day promoting Monginis’ cakes for this special occasion.

O u r   S o l u t i o n

We used the famous phrase of “ Your mom
is a treat ” in its right context in our video ad
which helped the ad to go viral.

We wanted to remind the audience of their mums’ value in their lives and how their mothers have helped them out through a lot.
We created situations in the ads that all Egyptians have lived with their mums; so that the audience can relate and so we can establish an emotional connection with them, in order to increase our sales in this period.
Ending the ad with encouraging people to get their mums a treat, as all mothers are a lovely treat!

O u r  E x e c u t i o n

Bringing our ideas to life.

Significant visuals for social media posts and video ad was generated for Monginis.

O u r  I m p a c t

Mongini's Digital Rise

As proudly expected, the video went viral and was heavily shared and discussed on all platforms, achieving over 401k views on Facebook only, as the catchy and famous sentence grabbed people’s attention and prompted them to use it more.

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