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the biggest playing cards platform in the Middle East,

are officially and finally launching in Egypt. Starting up back in 2009, they built a wide community for millions of gamers from different Arab countries, providing an app that runs over 35 card games in addition to several amazing features like audio chat while playing and the opportunity to establish and enroll in different clubs and competitions.


Launching any business in Egypt can always be a tough challenge due to its cultural diversity,

and since Jawaker is targeting the whole family (not only the youth as some might imagine), we had to make sure we pick the most fitting commercial approach that will deliver our communication and create the needed buzz all over the different social media platforms.

Our Solution

To create a catchy jingle that elaborates the key features of Jawaker.

Through trendy and relatable lyrics, while taking the viewers into a visual journey starred by a young man along with his family, all busy with an activity of his/her own, but they still can take a break and “gather” at Jawaker for a quick game. So, based on the campaign’s tagline “الدعوة عامة نلم اللمة” and using a visually-appealing art direction of real environment with a mix of edgy animated graphics, we delivered a project that we take pride in working on with our client and all the artists that took part in this production.

Our Execution

Turning our solution into a reality!

Starting form drawing the storyboard, making the treatment, shooting, photography and social media posts


We Read between
the numbers.

The ad generated over 1.6 million views on Facebook and around 500k views on YouTube, and it was widely shared over the different social platforms as a touching and emotional message to all mothers on Mother’s Day. It achieved great reach and received noticeable engagement and shares as well as generating significant followers


Video views on Facebook


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Services used

Creative Services

Dazzling campaigns, copies, video productions and much more are things rooted passionately within Dottopia. so we treasure originality and out of the box thinking.

Video Production

Moving pictures that promote a brand or send a brand message are our bread and butter! video copies and quality is like no other! Always original and always top notch quality!

Haven't actually dealt with so many advertising agencies in Egypt, we found it really exciting working with Dottopia on such a big project of ours, sublime communication along with terrific creative approaches for creating and executing fitting concepts and jingles!
Nada Aweidah

Branding & Social Media Manager at Jawaker

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