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October 1, 2019

Infinix Ramadan 2021 – Differences Bring us Closer!

  • Design

    Social Media Management, Video Production

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O v e r v i e w

Infinix provides the market with a new smartphone that has all the new advanced features that a user might need with exceptional long-lasting battery lifetime.


Creating a powerful digital video copy during Ramadan that reflects their true image and values.

Ramadan tops the special events list during the year in Egypt. As most of the brands consider it as a commercial fest, in which they focus their communication as well as a substantial share of their yearly marketing budgets, Infinix created a powerful digital video copy during Ramadan that reflects their true image and values while relating to and celebrating the holy month.

T H E  G O A L

Campaign mission

Creating a creative digital video ad for Infinix celebrating Ramadan with their youth audience,

O u r   S o l u t i o n

Infinix celebrating Ramadan with their youth audience.

Taking into consideration that youth are intensely exposed to numerous campaigns from all brands and through all possible channels, our concept was to capture random moments of different profiles in our families and communities during a Ramadanian day, by using a smooth and visually-appealing approach, we ensured delivering emotional communication of how our differences are empowered by Infinix, which gather us all celebrating
the holy month of Ramadan.

O u r  E x e c u t i o n

Closing our copy with an emotional note.

Starting from storyboard, shooting and teatment
to a high production online video ad.

O u r  I m p a c t

Infinix’s Digital Rise

This campaign generated tons of views, in addition to positive feedback on all social platforms (YouTube, Facebook & Instagram), and achieved a significant rate of engagement and shares.

O u r   N u m b e r s

Numerically Measuring Our
Campagin Success


Video views on Facebook


Video views on Youtube