How we increased the awareness of Noon Foods in Ramadan?

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    Noon Foods

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    Digital Communication

Client Background:

Noon foods is a nostalgic and classic brand known for its consistent quality of powdered foods in Jordan.

كيف زدنا الوعي بعلامة Noon Foods خلال رمضان


  • The lack of brand awareness for Noon Foods products “Delight – Supreme Mix -Cocoa Powder.
  • Inconsistency in posting frequency on digital platforms.
  • Unclear art direction with no specific visual theme.
  • Low customers based on digital platforms.
كيف زدنا الوعي بعلامة Noon Foods خلال رمضان

Strategic Solutions:

  • We’ve created different content pillars to align with our strategic goals through static and animated visuals in order to raise awareness of Noon Foods products features,  and how to creatively use it in Ramadan.
  • We’ve also generated creative video content featuring influencer and brand ambassador Chef Emtyaz Aljeetawy to increase the engagement rate.
كيف زدنا الوعي بعلامة Noon Foods خلال رمضان


  • Since we’ve started the video content through reels and animated videos, the results were great as we’ve successfully increased the fan base and engagement rate of Noon Foods digital pages.
  • The awareness of Noon Foods products have particularly increased in the crowded season of Ramadan.
كيف زدنا الوعي بعلامة Noon Foods خلال رمضان

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