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To grow their beverage business Faragalla foods decided to create a new product called "Faragello Gold,"

Faragalla Foods Egypt realized in 2016 that they needed to grow their beverage business. As a result, they decided to create a new product called “Faragello Gold,” which has a high quality and a wide range of products. However, they incurred the consequences of being associated with an old-fashioned brand name that is well-known for producing moderate quality. Therefore, Faragalla decided to make an announcement for the release of their new product and send a message to their customers that “Faragello Gold” is composed of high-quality materials that are free of preservatives and chemicals.


Massive awareness campaign for their new product in order to capture their target audience

Faragalla was facing a challenge regarding their customers’ perception for being old-fashioned and being well-known for providing moderate quality products compared to other competitors, particularly in the beverage business. Furthermore, they needed to run a massive awareness campaign for their new product in order to capture their target audience from their competitors.

Our Solution

Outstanding visuals while using a youthful voice to capture the attention of youth

We started with a digital campaign to highlight the product’s qualities through outstanding visuals while using a youthful voice to capture the attention of youth; our new target. In addition, in response to suspicious views of the product quality and to those who think it’s full of preservatives and chemicals we created “Mn gheir alwan” to ensure that our product is natural and made out of high quality. Finally, to promote our grape juice, which was a fan favorite, we launched the “Ainab awy” campaign. In Arabic, the word “Ainab” has two meanings. The first is grape, and the second is used by Egyptian youth to describe something cool or perfect.

Our Execution

Turning our solution into a reality!

Starting form drawing the storyboard, making the treatment, shooting, photography and social media posts


We Read between
the numbers.

Our campaigns generated huge success. The Facebook fan page reached 330k likes and fans were engaging with us on a daily basis by an average of 3k likes, 100 comments, and 50k organic reach. It was an instant success with this brand and it could be attributed to nothing but powerful concepts, outstanding designs and photography and, of course, flawless page moderation.


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