March 31, 2021

Clorox Billboard – Tougher than tough stains!

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    CFC - Clorox For Colors

Clorox Billboard – Tougher than tough stains!

O v e r v i e w

Clorox is a top-tier multinational brand of bleach and colored clothescleaner that has a rich history and a significant portion of the market share. Clorox is the number 1 brand of every house’s choice.


Raise the awareness for the colored clothes stain remover.

Liquid and powder, throughout the years their bleach have gained enormous popularity across the world, while the liquid and the powder weren’t quite there yet. The brand aimed to give the color liquid cleaner and powder an edge to become as massive and well known as the bleach. A creative, colorful, clear and an eye-catching billboard that shows the power of the product and brand with a strong message and a powerful visual. The billboard had to show a powerful message that was found in our creative copy يشد أشد بقعة and then follow Clorox’s detailed brand guidelines.

Clorox Billboard – Tougher than tough stains!

T H E  G O A L

Campaign mission

Creating a colorful, catchy, and attractive outdoor billboard that signifies the strength of the product when it comes to removing stains.

O u r   S o l u t i o n

Our concept was to simply show the full power of the brand and its product.

We used the brand’s colors to create a stunning and attractive visual that instantly grabs the eyes of all passersby. The concept spoke of the strength of the product in removing stains from colored clothes, showed powerfully and clearly in the billboard art. The carefully chosen harmonious colors of the billboard ensured to provide a clear awareness message that the product needed.

Clorox Billboard – Tougher than tough stains!

O u r  E x e c u t i o n

The billboards stayed up for over
a month grabbing the eyes of
masses all around Egypt.

The choice of color, theme and message brought a certain harmony to the billboard’s
art direction, being very catchy yet so easy on the eye and appealing to look at.

The product certainly gained more popularity, raising the needed awareness about as well as its market share among other similar products.

O u r  I m p a c t

Clorox trending

The billboard was a very successful one that it ran all over Egypt onto the most major billboard spots that a brand can feature its advertisements on, thanks to the powerful communication and visualization that our team worked on.

Clorox Billboard – Tougher than tough stains!