March 31, 2022

How BLUE BUS Website Gained a 43.9% Increase in Organic Search

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Blue Bus, The leading Bus Ticket Company in Egypt

BLUE BUS, a leader in Egypt’s bus ticket reservation sector, aimed to redefine the traveler booking experience, the client requested to improve online visibility and drive conversions via strategic SEO.

Blue bus


  • Complicated Technical Framework: The website was built using the React JavaScript framework, posing challenges for SEO optimization due to the nature of single-page applications.
  • SEO Accessibility Issues: Numerous technical SEO hurdles were impeding search engine accessibility, and diminishing performance on major search engines.
How BLUE BUS Website Gained a 43.9% Increase in Organic Search
  • Misaligned Keyword Strategy: Initial strategies mistakenly targeted a competitor’s name, leading to ineffective SEO efforts.
How BLUE BUS Website Gained a 43.9% Increase in Organic Search
  • Difficult target market competition: The online travel industry faces intense competition, making it crucial to stand out in search engine results.

Strategic Solutions

  • Conducting an audit of website technical issues: Conducting in-depth analysis to identify and address technical SEO issues, ensuring the website adheres to best practices.
  • Ensuring JavaScript codes are working correctly: Implementing measures to ensure Google could accurately interpret and index the site’s JavaScript elements, enhancing overall crawlability.
  • Targeting correct keywords: Excluding the competitor’s name from the site’s content and replacing it with carefully selected keywords relevant to the bus ticket reservation industry.
  • Comprehensive competitive analysis: Conducting a thorough analysis of competitors, identifying strengths, and weaknesses, and implementing strategies to outperform them.


The organic search traffic soared by 43.9% in one month, demonstrating the effectiveness of our SEO strategies. This surge in organic discovery also led to a notable increase in conversion rates and organic sales, which rose by 25.9%.

A key part of our strategy was attracting new users, and we succeeded in increasing the proportion of new users from search engines by 52%, a clear indication of expanding market reach.

How BLUE BUS Website Gained a 43.9% Increase in Organic Search

Not only did we enhance user acquisition, but our focused efforts also significantly improved keyword rankings. A notable achievement was elevating the website’s ranking for a critical keyword from the 44th to the 2nd position. Furthermore, for one of the most crucial keywords in the industry, we achieved the top ranking on Google, surpassing all competitors and establishing BLUE BUS as a leading force in the online travel booking sector.

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