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Good Things Good People





Our days start like anyone else’s, with a big cup of coffee, a light breakfast and a nice morning chat. A quick email-checking session later and we’re back to bouncing ideas off one another, diving into our work-in-progress or maybe just wrapping up that FIFA tournament we started ages ago.

  • Noorallah Mahmoud
    Noorallah Mahmoud — Community Manager
  • Mostafa Halim
    Mostafa Halim — Junior Animator
  • Zakaria Ismail
    Zakaria Ismail — Traffic Manager
  • Mohamed Khaled
    Mohamed Khaled — Senior Graphic Designer
  • Ibrahim Mubarak
    Ibrahim Mubarak — Office Boy
  • Fatma El Sawy
    Fatma El Sawy — Content Creator
  • Ahmed AbdelGawad
    Ahmed AbdelGawad — Junior photographer
  • Yasmin al-Ghobashy
    Yasmin al-Ghobashy — Senior Account manager
  • Shymaa Haleem
    Shymaa Haleem — Senior Graphic Designer
  • Sara maher
    Sara maher — Business Development Executive
  • Alaa Kotb
    Alaa Kotb — Senior Digital Media Strategist
  • Mohamed Essam
    Mohamed Essam — Collection Specialist
  • Mohamed Nabil
    Mohamed Nabil — Chief accountant
  • Mohamed Medhat
    Mohamed Medhat — Senior Photographer
  • Mohamed WAW
    Mohamed WAW — Chief Executive Officer
  • Mohamed Abdallah
    Mohamed Abdallah — Accountant
  • Marwa Mohamed
    Marwa Mohamed — food Stylist
  • Mariam badran
    Mariam badran — Account Director
  • Lubna Tawfik
    Lubna Tawfik — HR Generalist
  • Eslam Fahmy
    Eslam Fahmy — Senior Account Manager
  • Abdelrahman Nasr
    Abdelrahman Nasr — Senior Copywriter
  • Amr el-Tokhy
    Amr el-Tokhy — Social Media Team-Leader
  • Ahmed El Tahawy
    Ahmed El Tahawy — Ass. Creative Director
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