Start your Own Business: Where to Begin? A Guide for Startups.

Have you ever been thinking about starting your own business? Well, we are sure this idea has been eating up a lot of minds nowadays. But, we know it’s not easy to start working on it; whether you’re anxious to fail or you don’t even know from where to begin.

So, if that’s truly your case, HURRAY! No more worries, in this article we will guide you to start you own business with ultimate simplicity.

1- Find a Need to Fill it!

While you’re thinking about starting you own business, the main trick is to find what people truly need, and through your business you’ll offer them a solution to this need. Always keep that in mind, in order to get your startup to success; you will have to look through the vision of the people and your target audience.


At this stage, research is your greatest tool. You can start using forums and surveys to analyze more data and needs about your target audience, it’s important to collect more information to determine what are their main needs for your startup to fulfill.


Moreover, you should start visiting potential competitors to your business. Let’s just say that “Nothing is fulfilling all the needs.”, start analyzing potential competitors and the services they offer, this will help you determine a demand that your business can go and fulfill.

2- Choose a Catchy Name!

A successful business starts by a unique and catchy name to grab people’s minds. Try not to go ordinary or familiar, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t be simple. A simple yet creative name that reflects the service or the product that your business offers is all what you need, but tell you a trick? Leave some curiosity for people to be willing to know what’s behind this brand name.

3- A Logo to Grab Eyes and Minds!

At this stage, it’s the best to start brainstorming. What your logo should show? What emotions your logo should arouse? What colors to use in order to trigger a specific desire? A brand logo isn’t just a visual or a shape, it can take your brand to a whole new level; so take time designing and creating your unique one. Designing a great and effective logo isn’t always easy. It’s a process that requires a lot of market research, a deep knowledge of your target audience personas is needed to ensure your directions of creating a successful logo. You also need to consider the principles of logo design.

Here comes the question, “How much does it cost to design and create a powerful logo?”

a- Well, of course, the first idea comes to our minds are AI software and easy generators that are totally free and accessible to all! Just like Canva, Brand Crowd and others, they save time and won’t cost you a scent. Most of the people choose to go for it as a fast, easy and free way to generate logos and designs, as it saves not just time but also effort.


b- You can also seek a freelancer to design or execute your brand logo with a reasonable cost. You can easily reach freelancers through many platforms like Upwork and However, you might be standing at the point where you can’t reach an idea or go creative enough, or simply don’t know what would be the best for your business.


c- If that’s the case, here you will have to go for an expert consultation through a digital advertising agency, this solution will cost you nearly – – , it’s still a great way to ensure professional work that will have an impact on your business.

4- Be Ready with your Content!

To be ready with powerful content, you will have to start your market research and define your marketing goal. You should plan to create a content that relates to your target audience. So, at this stage, you will need to maintain strong research to know more about your target audience personas. Most importantly, your content should clearly show the service or the product of your business, as well a significant designs and qualifications of what you are offering your customers.


You can design your own content or seek a professional photographer to generate high-quality content or you can easily use you mobile phone to generate quick pictures for you content. But here comes the trick, the more content you create and post, the more active your business page will be and the more reach it will get. This allows your business to be seen and heard faster!

5- Build and Design a Website for your Startup

Well now your business is almost coming to life! It’s the time you start building a website for your startup to highlight your services or products. You got many options to build a website, however, you should make sure of creating a high-quality designs and graphics to catch the eyes of visitors. Pick an available CMS like WordPress, Shopify and Wix, and start creating your website.


You can also seek a consultation of a digital agency to provide you a professional web designing and web developing services to help you out through this, it would cost you more at this point, but would still ensure great and fast website for the best customer experience.

6- Get your Business Manager!

A business manager can help you execute on projects for your business. Having a business manager will help you generate and achieve plans and strategies of your startup. This would help you organize the process of collecting data and achieving a communication. You would also need a business manager to help you create a process for getting the content and marketing your startup. However, many people would say “I can do it by myself!”. Well surely you can, but in order to start handling a business and get into the market, a powerful team would surely help you out.

Well that’s just a few steps to start your own business! If you think you need a help or a digital support to start building your own brand, we would be glad to help you out! Reach with us and book your free consultation with our digital marketing and advertising experts.